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YellowBikeCab is an outdoor advertising and transportation company, providing branded pedicabs , field marketing, rides and sightseeing tours in San Diego since 2005. We specialize in promoting and advertising products or services of San Diego Convention Center Exhibitors by being part of their advertising campaign. We mostly accept one sponsor at each convention. YellowBikeCab also offers outdoor advertising oppotunities to the local and national businesses by placing their ad directly on the back and sides of the bikecabs. Our bikecabs are driven all over Downtown San Diego and expose the advertisement of the sponsor's company to thousands of people 8-12 hours a day .

san diego pedicab
pedicab in the gaslamp
The name comes from our company’s pedicabs highly visible yellow color and the image of taxi transportation.Our location is just across the street from Petco Ballpark and very close to San Diego Convention Center for easy access to customers at all times.YellowBikeCab offers the best trained drivers in San Diego. Our work environment covers the Convention Center, Ball Park, Seaport Village,and Harbor Drive driving to business offices, restaurants, hotels, and any other meeting facilities which are open to the public as well as accessible to vendors, conventioneers, and consumers in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego and the Port District. Our total commitment is the safety, comfort and pleasure of our passengers.

Our Strengths:

Only pedicab company offering LED backlit light pedicab
41’’x31’’ panel ad space! Offering the largest pedicab advertising space compare to other pedicab companies.
We can wrap the entire bikecab body with your ad while most of our competitors can’t.
We also place your ad on the front panel which gives you fully wrapped super 4 sheet pedicabs.
Our bikecabs are specifically designed for advertisings..
During the convention ad campaigns we stay or move around the convention center to be seen by your target audience and provide 100% exposure and visibility of your brand. Most of our competitors don’t do the same, they might be sitting in the areas where your target market can not see them.
During the convention ad campaigns our highest priority is to focus on the advertising we do and reach your target audience. Our competitors might be chasing fares to give rides to people.
We are the only pedicab company providing minimum 8+ hours a day exposure for each bikecab we run out there.
And we are the only pedicab company using the same design and color of bikecabs which makes us easily identified. You will never asked to create different sized art work designs. | Copyright © 2006 - 2008 All right reserved. | Ph: (619)200-8495 |